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Our Story

Welcome to Outside the Box Consulting, where your career transformation begins with a personal touch and expert guidance. As the founder, I bring a unique blend of educational insight and corporate acumen, spanning over two decades of experience in education, finance, and learning and development. After a noteworthy hiatus, I returned to the educational sector, only to discover a prevalent gap—many educators were struggling to translate their rich, specialized skills into the corporate sphere.

In 2021, fueled by this realization and my own passion for career development, I launched Outside the Box Consulting. My mission at the time was clear: to bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring that professionals could transition smoothly across various fields. The success was immediate and profound, and since then, I have empowered over 500 professionals from diverse sectors, including technology, finance, sales, cybersecurity, warehousing, and manufacturing, equipping them with the tools needed for a successful career shift.

At Outside the Box Consulting, we don't just prepare documents; we craft pathways. Each resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile is meticulously tailored by myself, ensuring that your professional story is not only heard but resonates with the right audiences. 

Beyond my professional endeavors, I fervently love life's simpler joys—animals, gardening, and quality family time. This personal passion for nurturing growth extends into my professional ethos, where I am just as dedicated to nurturing careers.

Choose Outside the Box Consulting for a journey that transcends conventional career services. Here, you'll experience genuine care, unparalleled expertise, and a partner dedicated to your success both on paper and in life.


Let's unlock your potential together—because at Outside the Box Consulting, we believe there's an extraordinary career waiting for everyone, just outside the conventional paths.

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