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Kindness and Patience

Both words are similar in thought and go hand in hand. But have you ever really thought about those two words?

Kindness is the practice of how we interact with other people and our self. The thoughts that are in your head are a window to what people perceive on the outside. If your thoughts are negative, sad, or super exciting, then the people around you will see that too. You may think that you don't have control over these things but in reality, its called growth mindset. This is the belief that you can change and learn new things. As you go about your day, make a goal to change one thing in your behavior and watch how it shakes things up!

Patience, oh boy, I struggle with this one but I try hard to not let others see it. Am I doing well? I am not sure but I strive every day to make it a practice of putting myself in others shoes (empathy) and understand their perspective or why they do what they do. I think we would all benefit from everyone pausing and thinking before reacting.

These two qualities are valuable assets in the working world and beyond. If you can master Kindness and Patience, you will see the success in your life replicate two-fold.

Keep your head up and grind on peeps!

If you want to chat, I am over on Linked In, join me, push the button below!

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