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My Life as a Trainer

I know I write about resumes and career stuff quite a bit, but today, I want to talk about my daily life as a Training Specialist.


My favorite things:

1. Every day is completely different

2. I get to design and implement the curriculums that I create!

3. Project work: DEI, Mentors, and Manager growth

4. Being the face of our company and setting the tone for new employees in orientations.

5. Creatively solving problems and taking care of our community, my company works for our lower-income communities to solve the financial crisis

6. Uninterrupted (sometimes) work time to delve into my passion for curriculum and instruction development

7. QUIET: I have noise sensory issues and I didn't know how much it affected me until it was quiet all the time.

8. Seeing others grow through the programs we develop in the training department

9. My hour lunch break, ie...naps, reading, website development etc...

10. Working Hybrid: I enjoy my work environment at home and at work

You see, 3 months ago, I never saw myself having an opportunity to work outside of what I had done for the last 13 years. Here I am now and it's just the best. Change is good and being afraid is normal but the results are outrageously, overwhelmingly positive.

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