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When Life Gets You Down

Sometimes even with the best of intentions life can get turned upside down. Maybe you are unhappy because a new boss was hired, maybe family drama has gotten in the way, or maybe your health just isn't what it used to be. All of those things are valid.

Now, what are you going to do?

That's the hard part, right?

The first step to any problem is to write it down, pros and cons list if you will...

Once you have that list, look at the items and number them from the worst to the least bad, and then decided what your next steps are for that item.

Start small, the biggest barrier for most people is that they look at the big picture and get overwhelmed.

You have to start with something small and pick something that is easily fixed. The brain will feel accomplished because you already made a step toward change.

If that is too difficult, it may be time to talk to someone outside of your family or friends. Getting that objective viewpoint from someone else is so helpful! This can be a counselor, therapist, career coach, or mentor at work.

Whatever you decide, just know that you are already making progress toward your bigger picture just by making this next step in your journey!

If you need some guidance on career advice, I am always available for a coaching session:



I hope this helped you in some way as it was on my heart this morning and I also know how the holidays can be a difficult time.

If you need help with depression or if you feel like you can't make it any longer, please reach out to your local physician, 911, or call 988 for the suicide and crisis line.


I am rooting for you!

-Your friend, Nicole Routon

Owner of OTB

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