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Career Coaching and a Little About Me

Welcome to My Career Services Website Blog!

If you had asked me 13 years ago if I would ever consider doing anything else other than teaching, I would have said, "Absolutely Not!"

HAH...My grandpa always said, "Never say never", he always knew what to say and a lot of times he was right.

About Me

A little about me, I taught middle school science for over 13 years, I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and a certificate in Leadership all from Indiana University, Go Hoosiers! I have a family with two crazy kids, 2 dogs, and a guinea pig. We live right next to a forest of trees which keeps me grounded, I love to swim, go on hikes, and just enjoy the summer sun.

Career Transition

Fast forward to 2022 and I am no longer in the official world of education but I am running my own business helping other people become successful professionals and writing their career stories through resumes and cover letters. Along with being a training specialist in the finance world which keeps me dabbling in teaching. Once a teacher, always a teacher, am I right?!

Why a career coach?

It's because I love people and I am a natural helper. I enjoy seeing others succeed and become who they were meant to be in their career. Many times our achievements are hidden to us and it is exciting to pull that information out through a conversation. Seeing someone realize how great they are is just so gratifying. So I developed my company to help others be awesome at finding their dream career through interview prep and resumes/cover letters that sparkle.

If you have read until here, I appreciate you! If I don't get a chance to work with you, please, connect with me on LinkedIn: Nicole Routon! I love to connect with new people.

Have an awesome day! And remember, you can be anything you are willing to work for!

What is your dream career? What are you working on to achieve that success? Please answer below and subscribe/Like/Share.


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